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Where do I go for help making a Family Court UK Application?

Okay you have been to Family Mediation and it is not suitable, you ask yourself where do I go now. You have maybe spoken to your local Family Court and they have posted out the Family Court forms. If you are making an application in respect of a Child to the Family Court you will definately have the C100 Form, but you may also have or need a C1A Form , C2 Form or maybe a C4 Form.

With the cuts to Family Legal Aid I have found that people are struglling to find places to get help with making the Family Court Application or filling out the forms. Other than paying for a Solicitor, the Citizen's Advice Centre are not able to help.

So where can I go for help to make a Family Court UK Application? There is free help available and we are in the process of finding a venue where you can come for FREE help in completing your C100 Family Court Application Form. If you are applying to the Family Court in Hastings; Family Court in Eastbourne or Family Court in Brighton and need some FREE help with your Family Court Application Forms contact us for further information.

You can email us here and we will let you know the venue, time and date. We will post further details here and on facebook, so if you follow us on our facebook page here you can get further details there. If you have any other questions about your family court uk application, then please contact by email or telephone us on 07956 591 000 or on 07415 857186.

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