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Deborah can help you with your divorce or separation.  Often couples prefer to wait until they have been separated for two years to divorce rather than filing divorce petitions relying on either the unreasonable behaviour or adultery of the other party.  There is the option at the time of separation of also sharing the assets of the marriage and setting out any agreement in what is called a Separation Agreement.  This provides strong evidence of agreement in the future should a dispute arise, for example, if one party unexpectedly increases their assets such as an unforeseeable inheritance.    


If you decide to divorce the only ground for divorce is called irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.  You will need to show either, unreasonable behaviour, adultery, living separate and apart for two years with the other party's consent, desertion or living separate and apart for five years.  


The divorce procedure in a straightforward divorce is relatively simple:  


  • Preparing Divorce Petition and Statement of Arrangement for Children Form

  • Application for Decree Nisi

  • Application for Decree Absolute


We can help you obtain a divorce by assisting in preparing the documents or assist you in reaching agreement as to the sharing of the assets of the marriage if you decide to wait to divorce and assist you with preparing a Separation Agreement. 


We can assist and guide you with the whole process or certain elements of the process, whichever you choose.  

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