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Assessment and Guidance Meetings

We offer assessment and guidance meetings when your case can be considered in a one to one session either on the telephone, skype or face to face meeting at a location of your choice.  Our clients find these meetings invaluable at the outset of their case or when new options may can come to light which will enable you to take your case forward to a successful outcome.  Often, cases can settle following these meetings.  


During your case many important decisions need to be made by you and particularly prior to Court Hearings.  It can be helpful to decide what your strategy is going to be and what you want to achieve.  Having someone with expert knowledge and experience will provide you with the knowledge to give you confidence that you are on the right track and have made the right choices.  With this support and guidance you are able to determine the viability of making certain decisions, the risks involved and the chances of success.  You can feel fully prepared for the forthcoming court hearing.


Our clients find that these sessions have been an essential element in getting a clearer picture, assessing their case and may change or readjust their strategy or tactics.  It is helpful to remember that you are probably experiencing a great deal of emotion which can cloud judgement and provide an objective assessment. When there is a change of strategy or readjustment there can be beneficial changes to your case.  It is only by sitting down with an experienced and skillful McKenzie Friend that these matters generally come to light.     


We have found that one to two hours is generally sufficient time to discuss your case in detail and to formulate a strategy and determine your tactics.  Often, we find that new options come to light in these sessions which can enable you to take your case forward in a different way to a successful conclusion.  In some cases an agreement can be reached.    


In our experience, you will achieve more from the meeting if we have the opportunity of reading relevant papers before the meeting, rather than at the meeting.  The easiest way is for the papers to be scanned and send as an email attachment.  


Contact us to arrange an assessment and information meeting or free initial consultation.

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