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Financial Settlement

Deborah can help you whether you are married and separating or wish to divorce or if you are unmarried and separating.   For married couples there is family law that applies.  For unmarried couples there is no specific law, and you will need to rely upon Property Law and the case law that has provided guidance and principles for unmarried couples.


We can help you with:


  • Applications for a Financial Order

  • Applications for the Transfer of Property, Lump Sums, Pension Sharing and Maintenance Orders


All cases are different and the necessary applications depend upon the financial circumstances of the couples involved.  The Judge will only make orders where there has been full and frank disclosure of each parties financial circumstances.  


We can assist and guide you with the whole process or certain elements of the process, whichever you choose.  This can include:


  • Making an Application

  • Preparing the Financial Statement (Form E)

  • Preparing a Questionnaire and Responses to the Questionnaire from the other person

  • Attending the First Directions Hearing or the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing

  • Assisting with Negotiation at Court or with the other party (or other parties Solicitor)

  • Assisting with writing without prejudice letters putting forward offers to settle

  • Discussing the best strategy, likely outcome and risks involved 

  • Assisting with preparation of documents such as Chronology, Case Summary and Statement of Issues and Schedule of Assets

  • Preparation for Final Hearing including Court Bundle, Skeleton Argument, Examination Questions  


Contact us here for further information or for a free initial consultation.


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