Family Law Dispute


A professional service providing legal support and guidance for separation, divorce, finances and children when representing yourself in the Family Court.  


Using our personal experiences combined with legal knowledge and qualifications we are able to offer our services before, during and after the court process.


Deborah Nelson and Jo Stead-Burgess

Legal Help

    You do not have to go to Court alone

   McKenzie Friend support in and out of Court

What is a McKenzie Friend and how can Family Court Friend help?


A McKenzie friend, provides people who wish to represent themselves, the guidance, assistance and support that they need with their case.  For many different reasons, people decide not to instruct a solicitor or barrister to represent them or simply cannot afford to. If you are representing yourself you are known as a Litigant in Person (LIP) and a McKenzie Friend can help you.  Family Court Friends are able to help with divorce, finances, children, and domestic violence, completing court forms, correspondence, preparing statements, devising strategies and tactics, as well as attending court with you and supporting and guiding you through the process.  READ MORE 










Marvellous, Thank you Deborah

Mrs C  Financial Final Hearing, Hartlepool


I had reached the stage of Final Hearing to obtain a financial remedy following my divorce.   READ MORE  

Outstanding, Thank you Jo

Mr K  Children Proceedings, Wiltshire


I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work, guidance and support  READ MORE  

Guide to Evidence and Cross Examination at Court 

How to give evidence and cross examine witnesses


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Deborah Nelson:  07956 591 000


Jo Stead-Burgess:  07415 857 186







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Family Court Friend is NOT a legal advice service.  It is a support and guidance service.  


Although  Deborah Nelson is a qualified Solicitor she does  not hold a practising Certificate to be able to advise you as to the merits of your case.  We are providing a service to you as a McKenzie Friends/Legal Assistants and therefore will not be responsible for any adverse decisions made in your case resulting from documents we have helped you prepare and guidance given to you prior to or during court proceedings.  We will not be responsible for any decisions made by you, the court or the other party's solicitor. or applications, 


If you require advice about the merits of your case or application or what to say in your statements you should consult a Practising Solicitor who is regulated by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority or a Direct Access Barrister.