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Affordable legal support for you through the legal process.  

Providing practical and emotional support through your divorce without you having to pay large legal bills.


Prepare fully for your hearing, get your paperwork in order



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30 minutes consultation


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Mr K


Outstanding, thank you Jo

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work, guidance and support you gave me whilst acting as my Mckenzie Friend.  Words really cannot give my appreciation justice.  You carefully managed my expectations throughout and signposted me to useful information during often difficult and stressful times.  The process was extremely daunting at first but you took the time to explain any questions I had and gave me the confidence to put forward my case in the best way possible.  


I owe the outcome of my case to your friendliness, dedication and perseverence which you showed throughout the months leading up to my hearing.  One again please accept my thanks and sincere appreciation.  


Mrs C


Marvellous, thank you Deborah

I had reached the stage of Final Hearing to obtain a financial remedy following my divorce.  I had represented myself at previous hearings since I had lost confidence in my solicitor during a legal battle that had spanned over 2 years.  I had read up on advice offered via various websites as a 'litigant in person' and had written a Positions statement to be included in the Trial Bundle.  My emotions and stress levels were at the max!
36 hours before the Hearing I contacted Deborah to discuss the case.  I emailed her various background documentation, she amended my Position Statement and produced other crucial documents to add to the Bundle - opening statement, net effect schedule, cross examination questions and the bones of a closing statement - none of which I was aware I would need.  She talked me through what would happen on the day, explained that I had to prove everything I was stating and what I could and could not raise in front of the Judge.  All this at the 11th hour! 
My ex-husband had a solicitor and a barrister. It was not necessary to present my case before the Judge on the day as we agreed a settlement prior to a full hearing which was put before the Judge for approval.  Deborah was available on the telephone for support throughout this process.  I was nervous but I merit the outcome on being mentally prepared and knowing my paperwork was in order and therefore I was able to negotiate confidently - this was all down to the support I received from Deborah.
I am very relieved it is all over and very grateful to Deborah for the support offered to ordinary people like me who represent themselves at court.  I would recommend Deborah to anyone who wishes to represent themselves, she was marvellous.
Thanks Deborah

Affordable Help with Paperwork and Court

Preparation is the key whether you are self representing or a Professional in the Family Court. Preparation is one of the basics taught to Professional Advocates.  Give yourself the benefit and advantage of professional help with your preparation for Court Hearings.      

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